Paying For School Meals

PRSD has implemented a new computerized Point of Sale (POS) payment system for lunches in our cafeterias called My School Bucks.  Every student has a personal meal account based on their current student ID number. Parents may deposit money into their child’s account through the online payment system MySchoolBucks or by sending in cash/check with their child to school. Monies paid into the student account can only be used for the purchase of regular meals and other items available in the cafeteria.  Children of families who opted out of this program can continue to use cash for their purchases.  Please note that upon leaving the district, no refunds will be issued for accounts below $10.00.  If you are moving out of the district and are eligible for a refund, please contact 620-3833.

Charging School Meals

On occasion, students may forget to bring meal money to school.  To ensure that students do not go hungry, but to also promote responsible student behavior and minimize the fiscal burden on the district, the following guidelines apply:

- No more than five meals per student may be charged.
- Only regular meals on the menu may be charged
- No snacks may be charged.

This Board of Education policy applies to all paying students whether they are paying full-price or reduced price.